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Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso
Here at Redrock Canyon Cane Corso we realize we are blessed to have this noble breed touch our lives. Once we got our first Corso "THOR" our passion for this wonderful breed exploded. Since then our family has grown to presently include 8 Corsos.  At Red Rock Canyon our corsi are raised with the ultimate in care and have great health & temperament. All of our dogs are excellent examples of the breed . Our goal from the very beginning was to acquire and breed only the very best. Our dogs are from superb World Champion & International Champion Bloodlines! Now our Corsi have excelled in the conformation show arena's and working events as well. Red Rock is known throughout the Corso World as producing top dogs. In our breeding program we strive to produce superb looking dogs that possess extreme performance capabilities accompanied with excellent temperament, health & conformation. Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso takes pride in producing dogs that are far from ordinary, Cane Corsos are extraordinary! 
   We are located in the Redrock Canyon Conservation area just outside Las Vegas Nevada & Southern Oregon part of the year. Our dogs have truly enriched and changed our lives forever! We do produce a very limited amount of litters, so if you are interested in one of our puppies we encourage you to fill out an application early. We hope you enjoy our site and come back often. Thanks for visiting.
11 month old puppy looking for a home

Available. 11 months old male 90% Pennhip, super sweet and intelligent boy. Grandson to Reproduction Champions Apollo & Conan Dei Dauni. If interested please fill out the Puppy application & e-mail me @

Cane Corso Domnina at the Westminster 2016

Domnina wins Select at the Westminster 2016
presented by Amy Rutherford, bred by Curt Gebers
owners Curt Gebers, Shelley Iverson & Jerry Day

Domnina taking a Group 4 (over 500 dogs) at Mt Rainier Working Dog Specialty 8/14/15.

Huge thanks to Judge Terry Berrios, presented by Mr. Ed Thomason.

 Special thanks to my co-owners Shelley Iverson & Jerry Day. 

AvoDerm Dog Food Sponsor

#1 AKC Cane Corso 2014
2014 CCAA Dog of the Year
2014 SACCI Dog of the Year
Breeders Cup Champion
GCh. Red Rock Canyon's Pretty Boy Floyd

Huge thanks to the "Team"
Kathy Eiler of Safari handling , Dave Musto (Bravado Cane Corso ), 
Lucy Parschauer & the Cardena family for not only giving this  truly Pretty Boy
a great home but for make the sacrifice of sending him out on the road so he could be seen.
Way to go Floyd for nailing it so many times and also for as Antonio puts it "being so damn sexy!"
Thank you to the CCAA and the following judges Mr Timothy Conradt, Ms Marcie Dobkins
& Mr Roger Gifford for making all this possible.

Always friendly & happy ladies from NutriSource and At Your Service Pet Supply (Henderson)
GCh Apollo litter due mid to late October
if interested please fill out
3 of the first 7 recorded~4 of the first 16!
GCh/Reproductive Ch Red Rock Canyon's Apollo
GCh Red Rock Canyon's Eat My Dust (Dusty)
GCh Red Rock Canyon's Pretty Boy Floyd
GCh Red Rock Canyon's Spartacus (Sparky)
GCh Red Rock Canyon's Nina
GCh Red Rock Canyon's Argento
presented by Ed Thomason
GCh Red Rock Canyon's Apollo
Reproductive Champion
GCh Red Rock Canyon's Pretty Boy Floyd
 GCh Red Rock Canyon's Spartacus (Sparky)
GCh Red Rock Canyon's Eat My Dust (Dusty)
GCh Red Rock Canyon's Nina
GCh Red Rock Canyon's Argento
GCh. Red Rock Canyon's Condor ~ ATTS
Red Rock's Apollo 
Venus, Delilah, Athena & Apollo 
Also available in Henderson NV from At Your Service Pet Store
 Valley Verde & 215       (702) 982-4237
Apollo Grp 1 
Me & Apollo hanging out 
Red Rock Canyon 
Sparky & Dusty 2010 Eukanuba National Championship
Big thanks to  Judge Mrs Andre B Schoen
Red Rock's Condor
GCh Apollo & handler Ron Williams at the Westminster 
Westminster 2011
GCh Apollo
Photo courtesy of Krista Droop
GCh/Reproductive Ch Apollo
Apollo & Ed Thomason 
SACCI Southwest Regional 2010 
SACCI SouthWest Regional 2010
Red Rock's Condor~Best of Breed~New SACCI Grand Champion!!!
Red Rock's Macevelli~Best of Winners
Mabel Del Rosso Malpelo~Best of Breed Puppy
Condor Best of Breed SACCI SW Regional
3 Best in Shows & Best in Classic!!!
Westminster Kennel Club
Cane Corso Invitees
5 Invited~2 are Red Rock Grand Champions

GCh Red Rock Canyon Apollo (Bred By Curt Gebers, Red Rock Canyon) Owned by Curt Gebers
GCh Red Rock Canyon's Spartacus,"Sparky" Bred by Curt Gebers, Red Rock Canyon ) Owned by Shelley Messer and Curt Gebers
  Red Rock family members 
Ed Thomason & GCh Apollo, Aaron Bradshaw & GCh Nina, Shelley Messer & GCh Sparky, Mercedes Messer & GR CH Dusty
Brian Martin with Ch Mac & Brooklyn and Gary Giraudo with Numa
Oh Boy, Coyotes!!!
Look Condor wants to play with the neighbors, he is such a nice boy! 
Judge Jean Fournier ~ Ed Thomason & Apollo
Corso & kitty
 (courtesy of Sarka in Czech Republic)
Condor on South Hampton Beach
Times Square
 Not only did Sparky win the CCAA National & Regional shows but he also had a 3rd BOB, 2~Best in Shows a Reserve Best in Show and to top it all off he earned his ICCF Grand Championship making him a Dual Grand Champion. ICCF & UKC..........
It is an honor to be associated with those three and they have my sincere gratitude for finally bringing home the illusive National BOB title. I remember it came down to him & Grock at the first SACCI Nationals....... It was so close we could taste it but Grock prevailed.
Just last week I was telling Shelley "wouldn't it be something if the SACCI Dog of the Year Sparky won the CCAA National after the CCAA Dog of the Year Diego won our SACCI National"
Sadie is a superb handler and I want to thank her for all the great shows she has handled for our dogs. Very very nicely done Sadie! You and your mom have made us very proud and please don't stop now.
There were many great dogs, handlers and owners competing and we are truly honored. Thank you.
A special Congratulations to John & Judy Phillips as well as Tony Scandy for Fiore's National BOS. Great job guys.
Also Congratz to all the other winners and participants.
Silver State Kennel Club
Easter Sunday
Judge Joan Luna~Condor & Gina~Curt & Melanie
Eukanuba National Championships 2009
Red Rock's Condor 
GCh Red Rock Canyon's APOLLO ~ CGC 
  & Champion of Reproduction
Red Rock's Spartacus 
Congratulations to
Red Rock's
Canine Good Citizens
Red Rock's Eat My Dust (Dusty) & owner Shelley Messer
Red Rock's Spartacus (Sparky) &owner Shelley Messer
Red Rock's Carmella &owner Donna Robinson
Red Rock's Rudi &owner Ray Anaya
Red Rock's Rubeus &owner Melanie Erickson
Red Rock's Deucius &owners Murietta family
We are very proud of these wonderful Corsos & their great owners!
Red Rock Corsos 
 Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso
 Grand champion~APOLLO~Champion of Reproduction 
Supreme Master Champion Red Rock Canyon's Apollo 
Venus (Ashley Corso of Bajer)
Cane Corso Breeder Nevada

~Red Rock Canyon Corsos~ 

Conformation Shows, Working Events &

Excellent Family Protectors!  

South Hampton Church
   "Vocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit" 
 Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso
Venus, Delilah, Athena & Apollo 
NFL at our house 
Obviously "OUR" team didn't make the Playoffs

Curt & Melanie
Cane Corso Italiano Soap Opry Music

Cane Corso

My roots go centuries back to Roma
A molessor with elegant physique
A warrior with a herding dog diploma
Protector of my land and family
I'm loyal to my keepers and children
I face each task and jump in
I'm stable but prone to suspicion
Yet not a wrinkle on my skin
I'm Cane Corso Italiano
I love you more so than sweet Rufino
Sole mio
Ti amo
I am Cane Corso Italiano

Once we were common in Italia
But almost rare by nineteen seventies
I'm slightly different from the old regalia
But still a Mastiff of nobility
I'm not a fighting dog by nature
I'd rather be like Romeo
But it's my job to warn of danger
And chase those wolves back home
I'm Cane Corso Italiano
I love you more so than vino rosso
Sole mio
Ti amo
I am Cane Corso Italiano

I'm the cutest softest bambino
My coat is brindle, black, fawn or blue
Some prefer my dazzling formentino
But any one you choose is waterproof
My love for you will be eternal
I give to you my heart
Every day I say buon giorno
Your life is mine to guard
I'm Cane Corso Italiano
I am loved more so than Valentino
Sole mio
Ti amo
I am Cane Corso Italiano
Cane Corso Italiano
I love you more so than vino rosso
Sole mio
Ti amo
I am Cane Corso Italiano

Nancy Simmonds
Soap Opry Music
Musical Tails 2013

Audio Clip: Cane Corso

Check out our past litter of
cane corso puppies

Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso
Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso
The Official Tester for the Bite Guard XL

 We've been using the Plexidor for five years now and we absolutely love it!

 It locks the outdoor temperatures out, it's stylish and talk about durable!

 Our Cane Corso put a pounding on this door day in and day out. Plexidor continues to stand the test of time.

So when only the best will do.......choose PLEXIDOR!





Take the Lead provides direct services, support and care for people in the

sport of purebred dogs who suffer the devastation of life threatening or terminal illness.


Curt & Melanie

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